Timber Treatment Training Course

Event Details
21st April
9:30am – 2pm including networking lunch and CSIC tour.
Timber Treatment Training Course
Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, Blantyre. Unit 3B, Hamilton G72 0AG

TTF have listed timber treatment training as a key priority for the sector due to a known knowledge gap in this area. 

With the requirement for accreditation coming through for timber treaters,  there are changes going to be happening in the sector. 

Gordon Ewbank the Chief Exec of the WPA About us | The Wood Protection Association (thewpa.org.uk)  is delivering the training. 

Course Content: 

TTF/WPA Market survey results and addressing the knowledge gap on treated timber
The TTF treatment action plan – background, 3 key requirements and timetable
The importance of describing treated wood products accurately – why and how
Supply chain education and industry marketing campaigns/resources
Providing the end user with essential guidance on safe and effective use of treated wood products
Third party accreditation of timber treatment plants
Why it is necessary
How it will be done
Who will be affected and by when
Buying in and selling treated wood products (from UK or overseas sources)
Where to find help, resources and guidance on all of the above
Questions & discussion

Should you have any discussion areas you wish Gordon to cover, then please just get in touch.   

Koppers, Arxada and Woleman have all offered to attend this workshop and show their products and be involved in the day.

Price:  £10 / head.  Please send details of invoice address and any PO.   

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