Benefits of Wood

Some articles on why Wood is good for health and wellbeing:

The advantages of timber: health and wellbeing - Beyond Zero Homes

Health and Wellbeing (

Other timber technical guidance (

The advantages of timber in construction: environment - Beyond Zero Homes


Timber is carbon negative:

Sustainability Series - Timber Trade Federation (

Counting Carbon Technical Paper


This database demonstrates the carbon negative nature of timber. 

When buying through certified sources PEFC and FSC, the sequestration of timber can be included as shown on the information:

ICE Database V3 Launched - Circular Ecology


Woodland Carbon Code information:

Home - UK Woodland Carbon Code


Wood for Good:  LCA analysis aimed to provided specifiers information on carbon LCA.

Environmental and design data for the specification of timber | Lifecycle Database (

Wood for Good have developed a series of case studies showcasing timber.

STTA is a member of WFG.

Case studies showcasing good practice | Wood for Good


TTF have also developed a series of case studies showcasing timber:  

TimberWorks Case Studies - Timber Trade Federation (

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