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Time is right for certified timber,
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Speaking at the Scottish Timber Trade Association AGM in Grangemouth on 4 December, Alasdair McGregor of BM TRADA Certification said “In view of increasing awareness of green procurement policy in the public and private sectors, the time is right for the timber industry to increase its efforts to raise awareness of chain of custody certification and its benefits to its customers”.

Mr. McGregor added, “There is still some confusion in the construction industry and its related professions about certification and chain of custody. The CPET approach of ensuring legal and sustainable sourcing, via approved forest certification schemes, should be more actively promoted and encouraged”. Mr McGregor suggested that lessons learned in the procurement of wood for the 2012 London Olympics may well influence procurement for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. STTA Secretary, David Sulman added, “Many STTA Member Companies have invested in chain of custody certification, but demand for certified wood and wood products has been disappointingly low from some market sectors, however, there are signs that this is beginning to change. Wood has a good story to tell; it is the only truly sustainable construction material and chain of custody certification provides specifiers and buyers with the assurance that products have been obtained from legal and sustainable sources”.

Also at the AGM, STTA President Andrew Newton (William R. Allan (Scotland) ltd.), welcomed Chris Davidson of Gill & Robinson Ltd, who has joined the STTA Executive Committee to represent the interests of agents.



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